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Physical characteristics - Location

Coordinates: long: 9.03569 lat : 40.08961
Coordinates (gr,min,sec): long: 9į2'8.4804 lat : 40į5'22.5816
Surface area: 23832.5 km2 (62.758 x Isle of Wight)
Length coastline: 1666.3 km
Average height: 344 metre
Length island: 210 km
Maximum width island (estimate): 110 km
Name : Capo Testa 127 meter (127 metre)
Orientation island: North - South

Demographic data island

Habited: Yes
Number of inhabitants: 1675411
Population density: 69.6 inh/km2
Important places (direction): Olbia (NNO), Sassari (NNW), Alghero (NW)

Naming - Location

Local native name: Sardegna
Archipelago (island group): Sardinia
Country: Italy
Location in Country: Southwest
Name regione: Region Sardinia
Name Provincia : Province Oristano
Main place: Cagliari
Location Main place: South
Sea: Mediterranean Sea
Distance to main land: 183 km
Nearest Country: Tunesia
Type Rock outcrop: rocky surface
island-Type: island in sea

Topographic islandmap Sardinia

Sardinia map

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Height map of Sardinia

Sardinia Digital terrain model - DTM

Relief: Height Classes in percentages

Relief: Slope Classes in percentages

Weather at SardiniŽ

Weather Type: Clear
Current temperature: 14.8 degrees Celcius wunderground
Wind: From the ENE at 2.0 MPH Gusting to 3.0 MPH
Winddirection: ENE
Atmospheric pressure: 1014.8 mb
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Climate: Temperature and Precipitation

Transport on your island-holiday

coming soon: car rental
Directly accessible from Western Europe (The Netherlands) by plane: Yes
International airport present : Yes
Accessible by car: Yes
Distance from Western Europe (The Netherlands) (rough estimate): 1778 km
Ferry connection - Car - Car - with mainland: Yes
Boat Connection - pedestrian - with mainland: Yes
Boat Connection - pedestrian - with another island: Yes
Bicycle facilities: Yes

island-Sights, island-Tourism - island-attractions

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Tourist information: Info SardiniŽ
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island accommodation: Hotel, Holiday Home, camping

${ Hotel Hotels at SardiniŽ
Campings at SardiniŽ ?> Camping 1) Acapulco
2) Arcobaleno
3) Baia Saraceno
4) Cala Gonone
5) Calik Blu
6) Camping Telis
7) Camping Village Baia Blu La Tortuga
8) Camping Village Bella Sardinia
9) Camping Village Li Nibari
10) Capo d
11) Capo Ferrato
12) Centro Vacanze Camping Gallura Village
13) Centro Vacanze Isuledda
14) Cigno Bianco
15) Coccorrocci
16) Ermosa
17) Flumendosa
18) Golfo Dell
19) Is Arenas
20) Is Aruttas
21) Isola dei Gabbiani
22) La Foce
23) La Liccia
24) La Mariposa
25) Le Cernie
26) Le Dune
27) Nuragheruiu
28) Nurapolis
29) Orri
30) Pedra e Cupa
31) Pini e Mare
32) S. Teodoro La Cinta
33) Selema Camping
34) S
35) Soc. Coop. a.r.l. Proturismo
36) Spiaggia del Riso
37) Spinnaker
38) Tavolara
39) Tiliguerta Camping Village
40) Torre Salinas
41) Village Camping 4 Mori
42) Villaggio Camping Cugnana
43) Villaggio Camping Sos Flores s.r.l.
44) Villaggio Torre del Porticciolo
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Landuse Sardinia

 Forest   4011.6 km2 
 Nature   8356.7 km2 
 Agriculture   9937.1 km2 
 Wet nature   73.2 km2 
 Water   217.7 km2 
 Urban area   638.4 km2 
 Infrastructure   27.3 km2 
 Viticulture   492.7 km2 
 Rock outcrop   77.5 km2